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FAQ about auto leasing in NYC

When getting a car in NYC, you are definitely going to have a lot of questions about the process of auto leasing. After all, it is a relatively new method of getting a car. One of the best things about NYC Auto Brokers is that we are always here for you when you have questions. Whatever it may be, we are always available to clear up any doubts that you may have. Our car leasing company encourages you to try auto leasing out. It is a process that you will not regret having started later. However, it is true that you may have your doubts about it. After all, you may have heard horror stories about the massive fines that certain auto leasing companies have charged their customers. Rest assured that we aren’t that kind of car leasing company. Here are some common questions that our representatives get asked a lot.

Will I be able to get a classic car on auto lease?

The short answer: no. You won’t be able to get vintage or classic cars on auto lease at NYC Auto Brokers. Let us tell you why. When you get an older car, they are more prone to damage because of their age. Because of this, it is very likely that you will exceed the limitations set down by the auto leasing company. When this happens, you are definitely going to wind up paying a big bill at the end of your car lease. We don’t want you to have to do this, which is why we have made sure that we don’t keep older, discontinued models of vehicle in our stock. However, we do have very old brand names in our stores, such as the venerable old Rolls-Royce. Granted, these options are very expensive in the standard auto leasing company, but you will be able to afford them with our amazing car leasing deals.

How updated is your range of vehicles?

One word: very. We are more updated than a PC with automatic updates on. Bad jokes aside, our range is one of the most up to date in NYC. When you come to us to get your lease car, you are definitely going to be surprised by our models. We actually stock cars that other companies haven’t even dreamed of getting. Some of these are vehicles you won’t generally see congesting the streets of this grand old city. For example, you don’t find many Bentleys in the Bronx. No, our range is constantly being updated as newer models of vehicles are released into the market and older ones are discontinued. This is in keeping with our policy to only always have the latest models of vehicles in our store.

Why do you insist on the latest cars?

We have a very simple reason behind this. We want to save you money. When you damage an older car, the chances of there being spare parts available to carry out repairs is very slim. You will end up having to pay through your nose to get your lease return completed. We don’t want you to have to do this, which is why we only have the latest and greatest models. Call us now on 718-407-6372 to learn more about our huge, updated range of vehicles!